Oscars Machine Shop

Chances are we have it, we can get it, or we will make it to fit your needs!!!!

Our Services

We provide quaility service for general repair, machining, welding, lathing, mechanic, heavy equipment repair and misc service for personal or commercial business. No job is too large or small. We accept custom or specific orders and we are able to supply most truck and trailer parts. Oscar’s machine shop can manufacture and design almost any product you may need. We are experienced and dedicated to provide customer with quality products.

One of our many special skills is in welding, which allows us to keep costs low and quality high. While we are not just a "welding shop" we have a high standard of professionalism that we bring to any project that requires a welding component.
Machining and Fabrication Services:
We also have several powerful machines that we use to cut, shape, drill and finish metals.
Lathe or Turning:
Our lathe has a revolving spindle on which the raw material is placed. As the raw material rotates on the spindle, various tools are used to cut and shape the material.
Welding Services:
With our drill press that we can drill holes in thick grade steel.
Milling of solid materials may involve a horizontal or a vertical milling machine, depending on the position of the cutting tool.
Is one of our final processes in machining of materials. Grinding improves the surface of the material being machined, smoothing the rough edges, and ensuring uniformity of surface.
Brake Press:
Our 6 ft Brake Press is a machine tool for bending of sheet metal and plate in the fabrication process.
CNC Plasma:
Custom metal fabrication for all applications including Metal Art. We can design or convert scanned images on the computer. We can send sample to customer for approval. Once approved we then send to Plasma table for cutting to perfection. This machine is very accurate.
Metal Art:
Custom Metal Art available for Hunting, Sporting, Ranch, Rodeo, Motorcycle, Wildlife, and etc. We will customize to meet your needs, available in many sizes from wall décor, awards, commercial signs, grave markers and etc.